The Gates are Open!

Strawberry Field opened to the public today, and the gates are open for good! Work is still going on to fully implement the vision for the grounds, in particular, and here are some of the little touches that we couldn’t bring to you yesterday.

Strawberry Field

The labyrinth is a series of stepping stones laid out in a spiral. Visitors are encouraged to follow the path, walking slowly, thinking and relaxing. As the Fresh Expression Team at Strawberry Field explain, “The labyrinth is a way of allowing ourselves time and space to think about who or what we are following in our own lives.”

Strawberry Field
White feathers in the labyrinth.
Strawberry Field

There are also stepping stones heading from the path into the woods. These are in the corner closest to where John would have climbed over the wall, so in a way his footsteps are in Strawberry Field forever. It’s also a lovely way to encourage children (and adults!) to leave the path and go and play in the woods.

Strawberry Field
Strawberry Field

Finally for today, there’s a beautiful print of the original house. It’s on glass, so you can see the new building through it!

Strawberry Field
Strawberry Field


For more information, visit the Strawberry Field website at

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