St Peter’s Church and Church Hall Open in May!

Celebrating the Big Help Out and Eurovision!

St Peter’s Church and Church Hall will be open to visitors to celebrate two very special events in May!

On Monday May 8, the Church will be open from 10am to 3pm and the Church Hall will be open from 10.30am to 2.30pm as part of the Coronation Big Help Out! The King has asked people to consider volunteering for their local communities on May 8, and our small team of Heritage volunteers, led by Tom Canty and Donna Jackson, are delighted to do so!

This is a great chance to experience the beauty and peace of St Peter’s, and see the stained glass windows designed by William Morris and Charles Kempe.

Beatles/music fans will also be able to explore the Smith/Lennon family connections in the Church and the Churchyard and pay respects to our Eleanor Rigby and Liverpool legend, Bob Paisley.

You can also visit the Church Hall and stand on the spot where John Lennon and Paul McCartney first met on July 6, 1957, and the Beatles began!

The Hall will also be open on Saturday May 13, from 10am to 2pm, when we will be delighted to welcome musc lovers from around the world who are in Liverpool to celebrate Eurovision!

Entry on both days is free and everyone is welcome!

Hands Across the Water!

We always love finding out that young people are learning about the Beatles in school, and it’s great to welcome children and school groups to St Peter’s to visit the historic site where the Beatles began!

Back in 2016, Rick G — known to many Beatles fans for his Fans on the Run group, and a good friend of St Peter’s — told us about his sister’s class in Tennessee who were learning about the Beatles. Obviously it was a bit too far for a field trip but, thanks to a generous donation, we were able to send a little piece of St Peter’s to them!

We were so grateful to Mrs Vaughn for sending us photos of her class with the items from St Peter’s, and for getting all necessary permissions so that we can share the photos. Seeing their smiles made our day and is a lovely reminder of the joy and love that the Beatles represent!

Message from Mrs Vaughn to St Peter’s
Mrs Vaughn’s class learning about the Beatles in 2016
Mrs Vaughn’s class in 2016 with ‘Merseybeat Pete’

There is an update to this story, though!  This week Mrs Vaughn contacted us again.  The teddy bear – Merseybeat Pete – has been adopted as the class mascot and Mrs Vaughn told us that he proudly sits in her classroom. She added, “I love when my students ask about the sweet teddy bear that watches over our class from the shelf! That occurred just this morning and they are all doing Beatles research right now!”

Mrs Vaughn’s class in 2022, with ‘Merseybeat Pete’!

We are looking forward to welcoming the world to St Peter’s again but knowing that these children, as well as people all around the world, love and cherish our historic site makes us even happier!

We think that teachers are wonderful because they make a real difference in the world and you’ve certainly made a difference for us. Thank you Mrs Vaughn, and thanks to your wonderful students too!

The Gates are Open!

Strawberry Field opened to the public today, and the gates are open for good! Work is still going on to fully implement the vision for the grounds, in particular, and here are some of the little touches that we couldn’t bring to you yesterday.

Strawberry Field

The labyrinth is a series of stepping stones laid out in a spiral. Visitors are encouraged to follow the path, walking slowly, thinking and relaxing. As the Fresh Expression Team at Strawberry Field explain, “The labyrinth is a way of allowing ourselves time and space to think about who or what we are following in our own lives.”

Strawberry Field
White feathers in the labyrinth.
Strawberry Field

There are also stepping stones heading from the path into the woods. These are in the corner closest to where John would have climbed over the wall, so in a way his footsteps are in Strawberry Field forever. It’s also a lovely way to encourage children (and adults!) to leave the path and go and play in the woods.

Strawberry Field
Strawberry Field

Finally for today, there’s a beautiful print of the original house. It’s on glass, so you can see the new building through it!

Strawberry Field
Strawberry Field


For more information, visit the Strawberry Field website at

The Magical History Museum is Truly Magical!

Review by Donna Jackson


Last week, Mathew Street welcomed a new addition when the Magical History Museum opened its doors.

From the very first moment that I stepped through the door, it was clear that the new museum would live up to its name, evoking magical memories of the history of the Beatles at every step with the unique collection of historic memorabilia on display.

The museum which was “ten years in the planning, and over 60 years in the making,” contains over three hundred items from Roag Aspinall-Best’s personal collection, spread over three floors.  Roag (son of Neil Aspinall, the former CEO of Apple Records, and brother to Pete Best, former Beatles drummer) said, ““My family connections to The Beatles have inspired me to collect, store and cherish the items that will be on display. The time is now right for me to share them with the public, so that they too can hear the stories and share the memories we’ve all held so dear since the Beatles began.”

Each floor represents a different chronological period in the history of the Beatles – the early years up to 1962, 1963-66, and 1967 onwards.,

Every single item is genuine — there are no replicas or reproductions to be found — and so many of them took my breath away.  There really are treasures everywhere you look!  My personal favourites were mostly on the first floor and included Pete’s leather trousers and cowboy boots from Hamburg.  Other favourites were the mic from the Casbah and Pete Best’s drum kit!

Every floor offers a “Fab 4 experience” though, with iconic items including John Lennon’s Sergeant Pepper medals, the cello from ‘Blue Jay Way’, George Harrison’s Futurama Grazio guitar, the Apple boardroom table, and John Lennon’s helmet from How I Won the War (another of my personal favourites).








By the time I reached the top floor, I was reeling with everything I had seen.  This is probably the largest singularly owned authentic Beatles collections in the world that traces the history of the Beatles from their very earliest days in the Casbah, through Beatlemania in the early 1960s, to the studio classics of Sgt Pepper and Abbey Road.  It is absolutely phenomenal, and I felt privileged to be able to see it all.  Roag deserves the thanks of every single Beatles fan for deciding to share it all with us.

What is even more mind-blowing is that the items on display represent only a fraction of Roag’s collection, and there are many more items that are being reserved for future display.  I really can’t wait!!

What I also loved was the way that these treasures are displayed.  While the Beatles Story is more of a tourist experience, this is a true museum with beautiful display cases, and elegant decor and lighting that evokes an atmosphere that is classy and dignified.  All in all, in my personal opinion, a lovely and fitting reflection of the Best family.

Add all this to the museum’s location on Mathew Street, and you have the perfect addition to the Beatles’ industry in Liverpool.  As Steven Van Zandt (E Street Band/The Sopranos) said, “Liverpool deserves this. It’s been far too long coming.”   Bryan Burk (Producer of Lost, Star Trek, Mission Impossible and Star Wars movies), agreed, saying “The Magical History Museum is a genius idea and a must see for Beatles fans.” 

I’ll leave the final words to Pete Best himself: “This museum opening is a landmark occasion in Beatles history and an incredible new showcase – not to be missed by any serious Beatles fan.”

I couldn’t agree more!  The Magical History Museum is an absolute MUST SEE.  I already can’t wait to go again!

For more on the Magical History Museum, visit the official Facebook page HERE.  For more on Pete Best, or to visit the Casbah, visit Pete’s official website by clicking HERE