Hands Across the Water!

We always love finding out that young people are learning about the Beatles in school, and it’s great to welcome children and school groups to St Peter’s to visit the historic site where the Beatles began!

Back in 2016, Rick G — known to many Beatles fans for his Fans on the Run group, and a good friend of St Peter’s — told us about his sister’s class in Tennessee who were learning about the Beatles. Obviously it was a bit too far for a field trip but, thanks to a generous donation, we were able to send a little piece of St Peter’s to them!

We were so grateful to Mrs Vaughn for sending us photos of her class with the items from St Peter’s, and for getting all necessary permissions so that we can share the photos. Seeing their smiles made our day and is a lovely reminder of the joy and love that the Beatles represent!

Message from Mrs Vaughn to St Peter’s
Mrs Vaughn’s class learning about the Beatles in 2016
Mrs Vaughn’s class in 2016 with ‘Merseybeat Pete’

There is an update to this story, though!  This week Mrs Vaughn contacted us again.  The teddy bear – Merseybeat Pete – has been adopted as the class mascot and Mrs Vaughn told us that he proudly sits in her classroom. She added, “I love when my students ask about the sweet teddy bear that watches over our class from the shelf! That occurred just this morning and they are all doing Beatles research right now!”

Mrs Vaughn’s class in 2022, with ‘Merseybeat Pete’!

We are looking forward to welcoming the world to St Peter’s again but knowing that these children, as well as people all around the world, love and cherish our historic site makes us even happier!

We think that teachers are wonderful because they make a real difference in the world and you’ve certainly made a difference for us. Thank you Mrs Vaughn, and thanks to your wonderful students too!