Our Eleanor Rigby

Eleanor was born on the 29th August 1895, the daughter of Mary Rigby and Arthur Whitfield, who were married on September 11th, 1893 at St Peter’s Church Woolton.

Eleanor’s mother Mary was the daughter of one John Rigby who lived at number 8 Vale Road, Woolton, coincidentally the same road as one Ivan Vaughan (who lived at number 88) and who many years later in 1957, would introduce his two mutual friends John and Paul to each other in St Peters Church Hall….

Sadly for Eleanor she never got to meet her father as he passed away in 1895 aged 24 years, a few weeks after Eleanor was born.

Eleanor worked at City Hospital, Parkhill, Liverpool, and in 1930, she married Thomas Woods at St James’ Methodist Church, Woolton, Liverpool aged 34.

Eleanor Rigby Woods died aged 44 on 10th October 1939 still listed as living at number 8 Vale Road, Woolton.

Located in the front graveyard of St Peters Church, the headstone can be found in the first block of graves on the left side of the church, a few rows from the front.