Welcome Beatle Week, 2019!

We can’t wait to start welcoming visitors to St Peter’s Church and Church Hall from tomorrow for International Beatle Week, 2019!

The Hall is open every day from tomorrow until Tuesday, and the Church will be open from Friday to Monday.

Join us for the Beatles singalong on Friday, or enjoy the rare opportunity to visit the bell tower and try your hand at bell-ringing — just as John did as a teenager — on Saturday afternoon! Stand on the spot where the Lennon-McCartney partnership began, visit our ‘Eleanor Rigby’ and see the film locations from the Danny Boyle/Richard Curtis film, Yesterday!

See the full schedule here:

It was 62 years ago today!

St Peter’s Church Hall will be open to visitors on Saturday July 6, to celebrate the 62nd anniversary of the day that John met Paul! The Church Hall will be open from 10.30 to about 3pm, and the Church will be open from 10-2. If you’re in Woolton, please come and say hello! Entry is free and everyone is welcome!

Have you seen Yesterday? The new film from Danny Boyle and Richard Curtis that imagines a world where the Beatles never existed? If you have (or even if you haven’t!) this is your chance to visit one of the key locations from the film! We promise no spoilers!

(Thanks to Jackie Spencer for allowing us to use her photos of the location shoot at St Peter’s!)

In addition members, we are delighted to welcome a pop-up display from Strawberry Field! Come and find out more about the latest developments!

We will also be paying tribute to Bob Paisley in this, the 100th anniversary of his birth! #Paisley100

If you’re in Woolton on Saturday, please come and say hello!

Let Me Take You Down …

Want to find out more about the latest developments at Strawberry Field? Then come along to St Peter’s Church Hall on Monday May 27 from 11am!

We are delighted that members of the Salvation Army will be joining us in the Church Hall with a pop-up display, and the latest news on the redevelopment of the site and the progress of the trainees. If you can’t make it to the hall, check out the latest at Strawberry Field Liverpool

We also will have a special display honouring Bob Paisley in this, the 100th anniversary of his birth and, of course, you can stand on the spot where the Lennon-McCartney partnership began.

The Hall will be open from 10.30am to 3pm, everyone is welcome, and entrance is FREE!

Church Hall Open Bank Holiday Monday!

St Peter’s Church Hall will be open to visitors on Bank Holiday Monday – May 27 – from 10.30 to about 3pm. If you’re in Woolton, please come and say hello!

As well as welcoming you to the spot where the Lennon-McCartney partnership began, we will be paying tribute to Bob Paisley in this, the 100th anniversary of his birth! #Paisley100

We hope to see you soon!

Thank you!

Thank you to everyone who voted for us in the Liverpool Tourism Awards Hidden Gem category. The awards were announced last night (May 16) in a grand ceremony held in Liverpool Cathedral.

Sadly, we didn’t win this year, but we’d like to send our congratulations to Friends of Williamson’s Tunnels who we think were very worthy winners in our category! If you haven’t visited the Tunnels, you should! It really is a ‘hidden gem’ in Liverpool. More detail of the tunnels can be found on the website, by clicking HERE

We would also like to congratulate Aurora, a large-scale art installation by FACT and Leeds-based immersive tech experts Invisible Flock, for their well-deserved triumph in the “Small Event on the Year” category. We were seated with them at the dinner, and it was wonderful to share their excitement and delight at winning!

We are proud to have been shortlisted, and to know that, among all the hidden gems, in Liverpool, St Peter’s Church was in the Top Ten for 2019! Thank you again for your support!

Billy Bragg at St Peter’s

We hope you all enjoyed Billy Bragg’s documentary on Rock Island Line (BBC4, Friday April 12) as much as we did! If you missed it, it’s on iplayer for another three weeks: Rock Island Line: The Song That Made Britain Rock

For those who’ve watched it, you probably noticed that the section with the Quarrymen was filmed in our very own Church Hall, the place where John met Paul and the Lennon-McCartney partnership was born! Now that the documentary has aired, we’re allowed to share some behind-the-scenes snapshots of the filming taking place.

St Peter’s on TripAdvisor

We are on TripAdvisor! If you’ve visited the Church, and enjoyed your visit, please leave us a review by clicking HERE!

Actually, please review us even if you didn’t enjoy your visit. This is a great way for us to get feedback and learn how we can improve the visitor experience.

Thank you!

St Peter’s – a Hidden Gem?

We are absolutely delighted to announce that St Peter’s Church has been shortlisted in the Hidden Gem category for this year’s Liverpool Tourism Awards!

Over 400 nominations were received and, from these, an independent panel of judges selected nine for the shortlist. To have been chosen is such an honour for the Church, and we are all thrilled and humbled to be listed alongside other wonderful places in Merseyside.

The winner is decided by a People’s Vote, and we would be privileged and grateful if you could vote for us if you think St Peter’s Church is the Hidden Gem of Merseyside! Click this link: https://www.liverpoollep.org/awards-landing-page/hidden-gem/ to vote!

Thank you!

Welcome, Ellie!

We are absolutely delighted to welcome Ellie Fearn to the St Peter’s History and Heritage team of volunteers! As well as helping out in the Church Hall on occasion, Ellie will be working on our social media and online presence. It means that ‘building’ will soon start on the many webpages that are still under construction, and we may be venturing into other social media platforms, such as Instagram.

It’s an exciting time for us, and we are so grateful to Ellie for her help. It’s only the first day and we’re already in awe of her enthusiasm and ideas!

Thanks, Ellie! We all look forward to working with you!