The Day John Met Paul


July 6, 1957, is perhaps the most important day in modern musical history because that’s the day that 16-year-old John Lennon was introduced to 15-year-old Paul McCartney by their mutual friend, Ivan Vaughan at St Peter’s Church fete.

c. St Peter’s Church – but you are welcome to download and print out a copy of the programme of the day that John met Paul for your own personal use with our compliments!

In his book, Conversations with McCartney, Paul du Noyer pondered what might have happened if John and Paul had not met on that ‘fete-ful’ day.  We are delighted and honoured that Paul has allowed us to share his thoughts with you here!  WHAT IF … 

Through the years, there have been many special celebrations of the day that John met Paul.  Click on these links to see more of the 60th anniversary celebrations in 2017 as well as events from previous years.