Happy Christmas!

Happy Christmas to you all from the St Peter’s Heritage Team! We hope that, however you’re spending Christmas, you find some comfort and joy during the holidays. This year may not be what we planned but stay safe and hopefully we can all be together again next year!

We may not be able to be together in Church this year but you might like to light a candle at home and think of this candle burning in Church and know that we’re all together in our hearts.
Happy memories of Christmas 2018
Christmas 2018
Here’s to a happy, peaceful and healthy new year!

Thank you to all the NHS staff, scientists, delivery drivers, teachers and all other key staff who have worked so hard to keep us safe this year, and who are leading the fight against covid. You are all in our thoughts and prayers and here’s to your sucesss, and us all being together again, in 2021! Happy New Year to us all!

Remembering John

Although for us in the UK, the anniversary of John’s death, 40 years ago, will not come until tomorrow, here at St Peter’s we wanted to mark the official anniversary too. This morning, volunteers laid single white roses, representing peace, at some of the places at St Peter’s that were, and are, so important to John.

The roses were laid at the peace memorial, on Uncle George’s grave, on the spot in the choir stalls where John sat and, of course, on the spot in the Church Hall where he met Paul on July 6 1957.

We also united John with another Liverpool legend laid to rest here at St Peter’s.

And we took a rose and laid it at the Strawberry Field gates, uniting St Peter’s with our friends and neighbours around the corner who also were so important in John’s life.

We are so proud, at St Peter’s, to be part of John’s story and privileged to be a custodian of his legacy.

John Lennon 1940-1980