Ebay Warning: Fete Programme

Since we listed our tshirts on eBay, we’ve noticed a few other items related to the Church. We are shocked at some of the prices, especially those of the photocopied programmes that we give away for free to visitors to the Church! We’ve seen one listed for nearly £10, but we’re more concerned by other listings where sellers have more than one for sale. We suspect that the seller may be photocopying the programme or printing it for themselves off the internet and then charging very high prices.

We wanted our supporters to be aware that this is happening, and that the Church receives nothing from the sale. We can understand why people might want a copy of the programme but please don’t pay over the odds. In fact, why don’t you download these images of the programme (for free!!) and print it for yourselves!

c. St Peter’s Church, but shared for free with all Beatles fans!
c. St Peter’s Church, but shared for free with all Beatles fans!

St Peter’s T-Shirts Available Via Our New eBay Shop!

For many years, the exclusive merchandise sold by St Peter’s Church has only been available to buy at the Church, and not online. We’ve been asked many times if we could make the merchandise more widely available, and it’s finally happening!

Photo watermarked for security; the copyright notice does not appear on the t-shirt!

We have just listed 60 t-shirts for sale on eBay; ten of each size. This is a trial run to see if the demand really is there! If it proves successful, we will consider listing more t-shirts, as well as other items from the range of merchandise.

The t-shirts retail online at £18.99, which includes postage and packing to the UK. (There will be an additional postage cost to send overseas.) Packaging is biodegradeable, and we will be making a donation to a carbon-offsetting charity for every t-shirt purchased.

The full range of merchandise will continue to be on sale to all visitors to the Church. But, if you can’t wait to visit, or if you’re not able to visit, here’s your chance to own one of our exclusive t-shirts!

Click HERE to visit our eBay shop!

The Quarrymen Return To St Peter’s Church Hall

St Peter’s Church Hall welcomed back two of the original Quarrymen, Colin Hanton and Len Garry, as part of the 80th birthday celebrations of our friend Charles Roberts. On Saturday 5th October a host of friends and family gathered for the event, with the Quarrymen performing a selection of classic songs, and further entertainment being provided by a local Ukulele band The Cool Hand Ukes. Guests were also encouraged to join in on the Karaoke!