If you’d like a special souvenir from St Peter’s Church, this is your last chance!

Exclusive T-Shirt Featuring St Peter’s Church, Woolton – where John Lennon met Paul McCartney on July 6, 1957.


About ten years ago, when we started expanding the range of merchandise available at St Peter’s, we had a limited number of white t-shirts for sale that featured a painting of St Peter’s Church.  The painting was done by the current minister at St Peter’s, Kip Crooks and was used with his permission. 

As well as being a wonderful minister and fabulous artist, Kip also has acting talent and is famous within the Beatles community for his portrayal of ‘Father McKenzie’ in the Danny Boyle/Richard Curtis film, Yesterday!

When tidying up a cupboard recently, we found ONE of these t-shirts! This is the only one that we have left and we have no plans to restock this design.  

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All income from the sale of the t-shirt goes towards the upkeep, maintenance and financial commitments (including the support of various charities) of St Peter’s Church.

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