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Visitors to St Peter’s have the opportunity to buy an exclusive range of merchandise that, until now, has only been available at the Church.  We have received many requests to make the merchandise available for sale online and therefore, due to this demand, we have decided to make these items available to purchase via our eBay shop!

Please note that our online shop is run by volunteers and we are only able to make a few of each item available for sale at any one time to ensure that all items are shipped within five days of receiving payment. If any item is showing as “sold out,” it is likely that more will soon be available and we thank you for your patience. If you have any questions about out-of-stock items, please email us at and we will do our best to help you.

Own a Piece of History!

Our Beautiful and Historic Stained Glass

In 2020 the beautiful stained glass had to be removed from St Peter’s Church Hall due to safety reasons. Each panel was dismantled by hand and the glass is now for sale with various options available in our eBay shop HERE! You can read the fully story of the process here.

The panes are approximately 10cm (4″) square and come in a variety of colours, with a printed Certificate of Authenticity
Also available are small bottles containing fragments of stained glass (about 4cm tall and 2.5cm in diameter).  They have all been assembled by hand and each is unique!  They contain a mixture of colours and have been sealed for safety with wax.  Each bottle comes with a printed Certificate of Authenticity.

Wooden Floor Block

All the floor blocks look slightly different; this is representative only.

These pieces of wood formed part of the original floor of the Church Hall, built in the mid-nineteenth century.  In 2001, a fire in one of the side rooms in the hall resulted in the replacement of small areas of the original floor.  All the floor blocks which had suffered varying degrees of fire damage were saved and we are making some available for sale on our eBay shop HERE.

The side room was used by the youth club, of which John was a member, and would also have been used by the Quarrymen, including Paul, during the youth club dances.  It comes with a Certificate of Authenticity which have been individually hand-signed by the Rector of St Peter’s, the Revd Kip Crooks.

Currently, the floor blocks available for sale have all been professionally polished and been partially restored to its 1957 glory by Colin Hanton of the Quarrymen! We also have floor blocks that have not been restored, and others which are in poor condition and will be priced accordingly.  These will be listed at a later date.  

St Peter’s Hymn Books – another chance to own a real piece of history

These hymnals were used at St Peter’s Church from the mid-1950s onwards. While we are making no claims that John Lennon or his aunt, Mimi Smith, ever used any of these books, they attended St Peter’s during the time that they were in use, so you never know!

These books are no longer used by the Congregation and so are available for sale. Click HERE to visit the eBay shop !

The Day that John met Paul

We have a range of souvenir items related to the day that John met Paul in St Peter’s Church Hall. You can buy any and all of these via our eBay shop by clicking HERE!

We are delighted to reveal our new design! Currently this is only available on t-shirts but we hope to include this on other items in the future. If you want to be one of the first to wear this exclusive item, place your order now!

Click HERE to visit the eBay shop and see our range of t-shirts!

Other Souvenirs of the day that John met Paul

Click HERE to buy these items from our eBay shop

The logo on each item is based on the famous photo taken by Geoff Rhind (and used with his permission) of the Quarrymen as they performed at the St Peter’s Church fete on July 6, 1957.  In the audience, but not pictured, was a young Paul McCartney.  Later that day, he was introduced to John Lennon by a mutual friend, Ivan Vaughan, in St Peter’s Church Hall and the most important partnership in modern musical history began!

  • The poster is a copy of the commemorative plaque on St Peter’s Church Hall and is printed on high quality paper.  It measures 59cm x 30cm and will be carefully rolled and sent in a sturdy cardboard tube.
  • The phone stand is a fun item that is made of rubber, and is light but solid enough to support most phones and small tablets.  The ‘mop-top’ “hair” can be used as a screen cleaner!  It’s about 10cm high, 7cm wide and 7cm deep.
  • The shopping bag is made of 100% cotton and measures 40cm x 35cm. It folds into a very small compact shape that can easily be carried in bags or pockets.
  • There are two designs of magnets and postcards for you to choose from (or treat yourself and have both!).  One design is an image of the poster lying on the floor on the Church Hall at the spot where Paul McCartney ‘auditioned’ to join John’s band. The photograph of St Peter’s Church that features on the other design was taken by James Davis in 1957 (image used with permission); James’ son, Rod, was one of the Quarrymen! The magnets measure 8.5cm x 5cm and the postcards are standard A6.
  • The key-rings are made of plastic with a metal ring and come in either black or white; the photo shows both sides of the same key-ring.  They measure 5cm x 3.5cm (plus the ring).
  • The badge is made of metal and is 4.5cm in diameter.
  • The pen has black ink, and includes a handy stylus that will operate most touch screens.

St Peter’s Candles

Click HERE to buy our candles from the eBay shop!

All income from the sale of the souvenirs goes towards the upkeep, maintenance and financial commitments (including the support of various charities) of St Peter’s Church.

How to Order

Visit our eBay shop by clicking HERE!

Nearly all prices include Postage and Packing/Shipping and discounts are available for multiple purchases on many items. We can ship worldwide using eBay’s Global Shipping Programme.

Any Questions?

Email us at and we will be glad to help!

Please note, however, that the shop is staffed by volunteers who may not be able to reply to your query or your order request immediately. We aim to reply to all emails within 48 hours (but it’s usually a lot less!). It may also take 2 working days for your items to be shipped after receiving payment. We appreciate your patience and your understanding!