Wilfred Allan Fleming

Wilfred Alan Fleming parents ,Allan Stopford Fleming married Eliza Tod(Born Childwall in 1864) 14th November 1888 at St Peters Woolton

Wilfred born 3rd June 1880 at Thayetmo , Bengal. Father in the Bengal civil service.

In 1901 Wilfred A Fleming aged 10 is living with Harriet Tod Grandmother to Wilfred and Living at The Grange Speke Rd and on 1911 Census Wilfred with the 1st Battalion Devonshire Regiment, Lucknow North Tidworth Andover Hampshire

Wilfred Married a Dorothy Norma Paterson in 1917 in Kensington, London

Wilfred first served in the 1st Battalion Devonshire Regiment he was awarded the MC for distinguished services in the Machine Gun Section, in June, 1915. He was then attached to the Royal Flying Corps, and after a course of training at Tidworth returned to France n 1917 . Captain Wilfred Alan  Fleming then served in the 56th Squadron of the Royal Fling Corps , killed in action on the 10th August 1917

From the internet. On August l0th, 1917, Captain Wilfred Allan Fleming was reported ‘missing.’ On that day- he was sent out with a patrol of four machines over the Menin-Roulers road, east of Ypres. It was a bad day, with a lot of cloud and a forty-mile wind blowing from the west, and it was his first flight on an S.E-5 Aeroplane. At about 1p.m. his patrol was attacked by some eight German Albatross Scouts, and a sharp fight began, in the course of which our formation got scattered. On emerging from a cloud the patrol-leader saw Fleming heavily engaged with three enemy planes far to the east. He was putting up a splendid fight, firing at close range on one of the enemy, while another of the Germans was close behind firing at him. The patrol-leader went to his assistance, and together they so settled the Germans that they brought down one and drove the others off. Then the leader and Fleming started to return home in the teeth of the wind, and in a bank of cloud the leader lost sight of Fleming. But from our aerodrome his machine was seen to land behind the German line, and it was thought he must have been forced down by lack of petrol. However, in January, 1918, definite information came through that Fleming was killed in the action of August l0th and was buried in the cemetery of Ledeghan.

Captain William Allan Fleming of Millholme Chagford probate to widow Dorothy Norma Patterson Fleming, effects of £7410 15s 1d.

Captain William Allan Fleming is also remembered on the Harrow School Roll of Honour and Chagford War Memorial Devon

Captain William Allan Fleming served in the 56th Squadron of the Royal Fling Corps , and died on the 10th August 1917

Captain William Allan Flemming

Willfred Allan Flemming is Remembered with Honour Harlebeke New British Cemetery Belguim