Reginald Butcher Treeby

Probationary Midshipman Reginald Butcher Treeby Reginald born on the 21st December 1896 in Woolton. He had a twin brother called Sydney Morris. His parents, Frederick Morris Treeby and Martha Butcher were married in the Prescot district in 1891. His father was born in Liverpool and his mother in Woolton. They had one further son, Frederick William, born in 1899.

Reginald’s father was a book-keeper with the Mersey Docks and Harbour Board.

In 1901 the family lived at 9 Woolton Street, Woolton; and by 1911 they had moved to Reginald age 14, living with father Frederick Morris and mother Martha. Living with twin brother age 14 and Frederick William age 2. Family living 3 Bromley Avenue Sefton Park Liverpool, and in 1914 were at 9 Greenbank Avenue, Sefton Park Liverpool,

Reginald was a Probationary Midshipman in the Royal Naval serving on H M S Bulwark,  when, at 7.50 am on the 26th November 1914, it was completely destroyed by an internal explosion whilst anchored off Sheerness, Kent. Over 700 lives were lost in this disaster .

Probate of Probationary Midshipman Reginald Butcher Treeby of 3 Bromley avenue Sefton Park effects of £101 2s 5d to brother Frederick Morris Treeby. Reginalds Father Frederick Morris Treeby died on 24th August 1916 of 9 Greenbank Road Sefton Park effects also to brother Frederick Morris Treeby of £286 2s 5d.

Probationary Midshipman Reginald Butcher Treeby is also Remembered on the following memorials. Ullet Road Unitarian Chapel Sefton Park Liverpool. Holt High School Childwall Liverpool.

Probationary Midshipman Reginald Butcher Treeby served in the Royal Naval Reserve on H M S “Bulwark” .Died on 26th November 1914.

Probationary Midshipman Reginald Butcher Treeby is Remembered with Honour Portsmouth Naval Memorial Hampshire England.