Joseph Pendleton

Private Joseph Pendleton aged 15 employed as a Grocers assistant in 1911 and living with father Robert and Mother Elizabeth, brothers William aged 23, Edward aged 18, John aged 13, George Lenard aged 12.Sisters Margarate age 21,Kate Elizabeth aged 18. living at 22 Vale Rd Woolton.

The following information and picture of Private Joseph Pendleton is from the local Newspaper.

News of his death in the following letter from Lieut Norman E Barr of the Seaforth Highlanders. It is with great regret that I write to you that I found the body of your son Private Joseph Pendleton on the battlefield opposite Montauban this morning (6th July) I hope it will be of some small comfort to know that he fell with his face to the enemy and his death must have been instantaneous. Also he was decently buried by British soldiers.I am sending his belongings I found on him. The deceased soldier formerly lived in Garston and was connected with Garston South Shore Football Club.

Private Joseph Pendleton is in the book called A Singular Day on The Somme (The Casualties of The Liverpool Pals 1 July 1916. ( by Joe Devereux.

Private Joseph Pendleton

Private Joseph Pendleton served in the 18th Kings Liverpool (1st Liverpool Pals) serial number 27510 died on the 1st July 1916.

Private Joseph Pendleton is Remembered with Honour Thiepval Memorial