Holbrook Lance Gaskell

Flight Sub Lieutentant Holbrook Lance Gaskell, born in Woolton 1897 and according to the 1911 census Holbrook is aged 13 living with father James and mother Harriette with sister Helen May aged 28 living at Rosliegh/ Acrefield Rd Woolton

Holbrook Lance Gaskell was educated at Greenbank School Sefton Park ,Shrewsbury School, and entered Pembrooke Collage Cambridge.

At the outbreak of the war Holbrook joined the Royal Navel Air Service and got his pilots certificate on June the 24th 1916.

Flight Sub Lieutenant Holbrook Lance Gaskell, served in the Eastern Mediterranean at the R.N.A.S Station at Mudos and later on the Dorian Front near Salonika Greece.

On the 2nd May 1917 Holbrook along with 2nd Lieutenant James Watt( 47th Squadron) was flying in Sopwith on a mission and the aircraft was repeatedly hit by Turkish anti – aircraft fire and on the way back to the aerodrome one of the wings folded and the aircraft plummeted 5000 feet and crashed killing both men.

Holbrook is remembered with honour Sarigol Military Cemetery, Kriston Central Macedonia