Charles James Lister

C J Lister on St Peter’s Memorial serving in The East Lancashire Regiment.

After the the end of WW1 a memorial service was held at St Peter’s at which the names of the men who fell where read out and was reported in an article in The Garston Weekly newspaper January 3rd 1919. A list of men were printed in the newspaper and lister’s initials were reversed as J C.

C J lister cannot be traced on Census, or Commonwealth War Graves Commission records or UK Soldiers Who Died in The Great War 1914-1918 serving in The East Lancashire Regiment.

The only trace for C J Lister is on The Municipal Voters Register for the Much Woolton Ward 1914-1915. On the register it lists 3 addresses .

No1. 72 Empress Rd West Derby.

No2. 5 Berrington Avenue

No 3. 154 Allerton Rd.

In 1913 The baptism register of St Philips Church Liverpool. Has a baptism for a George Arthur Lister and lists parents a a Charles James Litster and Isabella Lister. It also lists family living at 72 Empress Rd. (The same address as No 1 above Empress Rd is in the Kensington area of Liverpool ). It also mentions Charles James Litster occupation as a Police Constable.

Charles and Isabella married in St Philips Church June 26th June1906.

The Municipal Voters Register for the Much Woolton Ward 1914-1915 possibly has spelt Litster’s name as Lister.

It is possible that Charles James Litster served as a police officer in Woolton (Quarry St Police Station)

On the Commonwealth War Graves Commission it lists a Charles James Litster serial number 7233 serving in the 2nd. East Lancashire Regiment who died on the 3rd January 1915 age 38 ( which would correspond to his age of 28 in 1906 on his marriage). Husband of Isabella Litster of 120 Leopold Rd Kensington Liverpool.

It highly likely that C J Lister on on St Peter’s Church Woolton is Charles James Litster and has been wrongly spelt.