Photo Mystery – Can You Help?

Mark Ashworth has sent us this fabulous photograph, taken in St Peter’s Church Hall in the late 1950s or early 1960s, and we’d love to find out as much as we can about it!

We wondered if it might be a gathering of the Church Youth Club, as there’s a box of 45s on the table on the left hand side, but if anyone can help with any information, we’d be very grateful.

You can comment on this post, or email us at

But even if we can’t find out anything, we still love this new glimpse into the history of St Peter’s Church Hall!  Thanks for allowing us to share this, Mark.


A Few Memories of the 1955 Church Fete

Some more wonderful memories from the collection of James Davis of St Peter’s Church Fete!

Remember that the PTA of Bishop Martin School, in conjunction with the Cavern Club, will be recreating the fete of 1957 on July 6, 2017 as part of the celebrations of the day that John Lennon and Paul McCartney first met!  More details of that are available HERE

Only four photographs in this collection (dated 1955 by Rod Davis, and used with his very kind permission) – but doesn’t the Scout zipwire look fab?!



Woolton in the 1950s – Part 2

We have to confess that some of our most favourite photos from James Davis’ wonderful collection that shows Woolton in the 1950s are in this batch!  One of them contains James’ shadow, which we think is really beautiful.

The procession featured in this collection took place in the winter (see the lack of leaves on the trees).  We thought it might be for Remembrance Sunday, but we can’t see if the people watching are wearing poppies.

See if you can spot the “beatle” (but remember that we can’t always spell things correctly … )



Thank you James! Your shadow will always touch our lives.

Thanks again to Rod Davis for allowing us to share these wonderful photos with you!


Celebrating Community at St Peter’s Church Fete

As part of this year’s anniversary celebrations, the PTA of Bishop Martin School in conjunction with the Cavern Club will be recreating the fete from 1957. Further details of what promises to be an amazing and unforgettable event are available HERE

To whet your appetite, Rod Davis of the Quarrymen has very kindly allowed us to share some of the photos that his dad took of the Church Fete in days gone by!  One of the really interesting thing about these photos is the way that a theme for the 1953 fete was the Queen’s coronation, which had taken place on June 2.

Watch this space for more photos of Woolton in the 1950s from James Davis’ collection!



Woolton in the 1950s – Part 1

We are indebted to Rod Davis of The Quarrymen for allowing us to share these photos with you.  They are all taken by Rod’s dad, James Davis, in the 1950s and early 1960s and give us a glimpse into life in Woolton village at that time.

Watch this space for more photos from Rod’s collection still to come!

All the photos have been used with Rod’s kind permission.