Remembering David Moore

We were very sad to learn that David Moore, a much-loved, long-serving and devoted member of St Peter’s Church, died recently.  Not only will David be remembered for his many years as organ-master at St Peter’s, but also for the time that he spent with visitors to St Peter’s sharing his memories of a young Paul McCartney. 

David waiting to share his memories with visitors to St Peter’s during Beatle Week, 2015

David attended the Liverpool Institute at the same time as Paul, and was in the same class.  More famously, David was in the group alongside Paul that auditioned to join the choir of Liverpool Cathedral.  As David told us, “I auditioned for the choir at Liverpool’s Anglican Cathedral at the same time as Paul McCartney.  We were asked to sing scales, and “Once in Royal David’s City.”  I passed the audition … Paul didn’t!”

Our thanks go to David for sharing his memories, and our love, thoughts and prayers are with David’s wife, family and friends at this very sad time.

Rembering Satomi Kubo

Although we adore every single band that has ever played in St Peter’s Church Hall, we have to confess that the Blue Margarets are one of our favourites! Their joy and love for the music was always plain to see and we couldn’t help but love them!

The Blue Margarets at St Peter’s Chuch Hall in 2015

We were delighted when the Blue Margarets visited the Church Hall in 2015, and gave us an impromptu concert. We were extremely honoured when the ladies told us that that St Peter’s was a special place for them and it has been a privilege to welcome them back over the years.

Like so many, we were absolutely devastated to read the news this morning, posted by her husband, that Satomi has passed away after a recent illness.

Satomi will always be a part of St Peter’s Church Hall. We will always value her friendship, remember her happy smile and be in awe of her amazing talent as a musician. She brought happiness and beauty to so many people here in Liverpool, and around the world, and we will be forever grateful to have known her. We will never forget her.

Our love, thoughts and prayers are with Satomi’s husband, family and friends at this very, very sad time.

The Blue Margarets with Graham Paisley in 2015.

When We’re 64!

It was 64 years ago today that a young Paul McCartney ‘auditioned’ for John Lennon in St Peter’s Church Hall and the most famous, and arguably most important, partnership in modern musical history began!

“When we get older, losing our hair, many years from now
Will you still be sending us a Valentine, birthday greetings, bottle of wine?”
The Quarrmen (L-R: Rod Davis, Len Garry, Nigel Whalley, Chas Newby, Colin Hanton and John Duff Lowe) reunited in St Peter’s Church Hall for the 60th anniversary of the day that John met Paul.

Wherever you are in the world, please join us in our hearts as we celebrate that moment, and send a message of thanks to Ivan Vaughan who had the brilliant idea that his two friends should meet!

And hopefully next year we’ll all be able to meet in person at St Peter’s Church Hall to celebrate the 65th anniversary of the day that John met Paul!

Welcome Back!

We are absolutely delighted to announce that both St Peter’s Church and St Peter’s Church Hall will be open to visitors on Saturday July 3!

Please note that all visitors will be asked to observe all covid safety protocols during their visit.

Enjoy the beauty of St Peter’s Church – open from 9.30am to 2.30pm

You can also see some of the locations for Danny Boyle’s film, Yesterday, which will be shown on BBC1 on July 4, and which featured our very own Revd Kip Crooks as Father McKenzie!

Over the road from the Church, we’ll be celebrating the 64th anniversary of the day that John Lennon met Paul McCartney in St Peter’s Church Hall (July 6, 1957)! In honour of the occasion, visitors will have their first opportunity to buy a very special souvenir of their visit – some of the stained glass from the Hall windows!

In 2019, we learned that the stained glass windows in the Church Hall were in a dangerous condition and couln’t be repaired. They were removed in 2020, but every panel was saved. These have been dismantled and every fragment of glass has been saved. They are available to buy in three different formats:

Individual panes are for sale at £50 each, or £175 for a set of four. The panes are approximately 10cm square but as they were originally hand-cut, there are some minor variations. The colours can vary too, and this image is an example of what they look like. Each pane comes with a printed Certificate of Authenticity.

As you might expect with windows that had been in place since the middle of the 19th century, some of the panes were broken, but we saved these too. These have been broken up into smaller pieces and sealed inside a small glass bottle. The bottles are 3cm tall and have a diameter of 2cm, and no two are the same! They have all been filled and sealed by hand, and are truly a unique souvenir! They are priced at only £10!

We even saved the tiniest fragments, and these have also been sealed inside glass bottles. Fewer of these will be available and they are priced at £20. They also come with a printed card confirming authenticity.

The Stained Glass souvenirs will be available to visitors who visit St Peter’s Church this summer. If you are unable to visit, and would like one, the good news is that they will be added to our online shop by October!

As these are all prepared by hand, we only have limited numbers available at the moment, but more are coming!

St Peter’s Candles Now In Stock!

We have a new item in our online shop!

These gorgeous candles come in two different scents – Clean Fresh Linen or Citrus Lime & Mandarin!


  • One candle – £8.00
  • Two candles – £15.00
  • Three candles – £20.00

When ordering, please remember to tell us which scent or scents you would like. If ordering more than one candle, it’s fine to mix and match!

To order please email

To check out all the other items in our online shop, click HERE! We’re offering a discount of £4.95 (equal to FREE shipping in the UK!) on all orders that total more than £50!

You’ll Never Walk Alone

During the first lockdown our wonderful organist, Mike, filmed a series of videos called “The Organist Entertains in His Pyjamas!”

Given the recent sad news about Gerry Marsden and the new lockdown measures, it seemed like a good time to share this:

Walk on with hope in your heart and you’ll never walk alone.

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year to everyone from us all at St Peter’s!

We look forward to welcoming you back to St Peter’s Church and Church Hall in 2021, and we’ll be adding new items to our online shop soon. All details will be posted here, and on our social media in due course.

In the meantime, take care, stay safe, and here’s to a happy, healthy and peaceful new year!

Happy Christmas!

Happy Christmas to you all from the St Peter’s Heritage Team! We hope that, however you’re spending Christmas, you find some comfort and joy during the holidays. This year may not be what we planned but stay safe and hopefully we can all be together again next year!

We may not be able to be together in Church this year but you might like to light a candle at home and think of this candle burning in Church and know that we’re all together in our hearts.
Happy memories of Christmas 2018
Christmas 2018
Here’s to a happy, peaceful and healthy new year!

Thank you to all the NHS staff, scientists, delivery drivers, teachers and all other key staff who have worked so hard to keep us safe this year, and who are leading the fight against covid. You are all in our thoughts and prayers and here’s to your sucesss, and us all being together again, in 2021! Happy New Year to us all!