Anniversary Celebrations at St Peter’s

To mark the 60th anniversary of the day that John Lennon first met Paul McCartney at St Peter’s Church on July 6, 1957, we opened our doors for a five day music festival and celebration of community!

Bunting was hung on the Church and outside the Church Hall, but the highlight of our commemoration of the anniversary was a special exhibition of quilts from Japan!  The quilts were all made by Yoko Kaji, and they have been exhibited around the world.  Her dream, though was to have them exhibited in Liverpool and it was our pleasure and privilege to make Yoko’s dream come true!

Gallery: Quilt Exhibition by Yoko Kaji
Quilt Exhibition

Also on display in the Church Hall were the original robes worn by the Rose Queens in the 1950s and 1960s!




Those no longer with us, but always remembered and deeply cherished, were not forgotten as we prepared to celebrate the anniversary.


Flowers for John’s Uncle George

We also laid flowers for Dave Peter’s, a much-loved member of St Peter’s Church.  Dave witnessed the meeting of John and Paul in 1957 and devoted the last years of his life to conducting tours and sharing his memories with the hundreds of Beatles fans who travelled to St Peter’s Church.  Dave is deeply missed by us all.


As we started to set up the Hall on Tuesday July 4, though, we had no idea of what awaited us over the next five days!  It turned out to be better than we could possibly have imagined!






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