Len Garry

Len Garry of the Quarrymen is a real friend to St Peter’s and has helped us so much over the years, but now it’s our turn to try to help him.

Len with the rest of the Quarrymen at St Peter’s for the 65th anniversary celebrations this year!

Jackie Spencer sees him quite often as a special guest on her tours, and she shared this: “I know I’ve shared a few fundraising things in the past, but this one is very personal and dear to my heart. Anyone who has enjoyed meet and greets with Quarryman Len Garry lately will realise that he is struggling with mobility, and to keep getting out there to see and perform for Beatles Fans he now needs support in the form.of a mobility scooter. If anyone can help with a donation please do. Len Garry is a legend.”

This cause is very dear to our heart too, and we agree that Len is a legend. We completely understand that times are tough right now, but please help if you can! Even a pound or two can make a difference to a truly lovely man.

You can donate here: https://www.justgiving.com/crowdfunding/len-garry-3?utm_id=2&utm_term=qvqXwYA8N

Len the Legend in St Peter’s Church Hall

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