New Photo from the Day that John Met Paul!

One of the most exciting things about history is that there is always something new to discover and, when that discovery adds to our knowledge of the history and heritage of St Peter’s Church, it’s even more exciting!

So you can imagine how we felt when Alix, a good friend of St Peter’s spotted a post from Chris Bannister on Facebook, and we are absolutely delighted and grateful to Chris for allowing us to share his photo and the story behind it here!

Chris explained, “This is my father riding the horse Avon Lad at Woolton Village Fete a year before he went in the army. The date was July 6th 1957 and a band called The Quarrymen performed later that day and met their 15 year old, future guitar player Paul McCartney. My dad doesn’t remember seeing them play but apparently they were quite good. 😉

In 1969 John would sing “I dig a pony” and we certainly dig this pony! Thanks so much, Chris, for allowing us to publish your lovely photo and adding a little something extra to that special, historic and ‘fete-ful’ day.

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