Welcome Back!

We are absolutely delighted to announce that both St Peter’s Church and St Peter’s Church Hall will be open to visitors on Saturday July 3!

Please note that all visitors will be asked to observe all covid safety protocols during their visit.

Enjoy the beauty of St Peter’s Church – open from 9.30am to 2.30pm

You can also see some of the locations for Danny Boyle’s film, Yesterday, which will be shown on BBC1 on July 4, and which featured our very own Revd Kip Crooks as Father McKenzie!

Over the road from the Church, we’ll be celebrating the 64th anniversary of the day that John Lennon met Paul McCartney in St Peter’s Church Hall (July 6, 1957)! In honour of the occasion, visitors will have their first opportunity to buy a very special souvenir of their visit – some of the stained glass from the Hall windows!

In 2019, we learned that the stained glass windows in the Church Hall were in a dangerous condition and couln’t be repaired. They were removed in 2020, but every panel was saved. These have been dismantled and every fragment of glass has been saved. They are available to buy in three different formats:

Individual panes are for sale at £50 each, or £175 for a set of four. The panes are approximately 10cm square but as they were originally hand-cut, there are some minor variations. The colours can vary too, and this image is an example of what they look like. Each pane comes with a printed Certificate of Authenticity.

As you might expect with windows that had been in place since the middle of the 19th century, some of the panes were broken, but we saved these too. These have been broken up into smaller pieces and sealed inside a small glass bottle. The bottles are 3cm tall and have a diameter of 2cm, and no two are the same! They have all been filled and sealed by hand, and are truly a unique souvenir! They are priced at only £10!

We even saved the tiniest fragments, and these have also been sealed inside glass bottles. Fewer of these will be available and they are priced at £20. They also come with a printed card confirming authenticity.

The Stained Glass souvenirs will be available to visitors who visit St Peter’s Church this summer. If you are unable to visit, and would like one, the good news is that they will be added to our online shop by October!

As these are all prepared by hand, we only have limited numbers available at the moment, but more are coming!

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