Graham – Bye For Now

Today is a sad day for many of us at St Peter’s Church as Graham Paisley, our beloved verger, is retiring. Through the years, Graham has welcomed thousands of Beatles and football fans to St Peter’s and given endlessly of his time as he took visitors on tours of the Church, Church Hall and graveyard, and shared stories of his dad, the legendary Liverpool manager, Bob Paisley.

Photo credit: Jackie Spencer,

There aren’t enough words to describe how much Graham has done through the years, or how much he means to us. We will miss him dreadfully!

The good news, though, is that Graham has hinted that he will still come along to talk to visitors for special events including International Beatle Week. So we very much hope that this is only goodbye … for now!

If you have memories of Graham, we’d love to hear them! Our hope is to build a page on our website dedicated to Graham in return for his dedication to the Church and to our visitors! You can email us on or leave comments and photos on our facebook (St Peter’s Church Woolton: History and Heritage) or twitter (@beatlesstpeters ) page. If you want to post a message to Grham, we’ll make sure that everything is passed on to him.

Thank you, Graham, from the bottom of our hearts! And we hope to see you around the Church again soon!

Photo credit: Jackie Spencer,

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