Beatles Face Coverings!

If you want to visit the Church Hall this weekend (open 10.30 to 2.30 on Saturday and Sunday) you will need to wear a face covering to go inside. And, of course, the perfect face covering is one that’s Beatle-themed!

Recently, one of the young men our congregation set up a business to try to cover the income from the summer job he lost because of lockdown. He learned to sew and has been making face coverings, including some made from Beatles material!

We are absolutely delighted to announce that Reuben will be at St Peter’s on Saturday and Sunday and will be selling his Beatles face coverings at the Church Hall.

So this is your chance to support a hard-working young man AND stand on the spot where the Beatles began! Beatle Week 2020 might be different but it can still be very special!

If you can’t make it to Liverpool this weekend, but would like a Beatles face covering, they are available online. Visit to place your order.

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