It was 63 years ago today …

… that John Lennon and Paul McCartney met at St Peter’s Church in Woolton! Usually, we would have opened up the Church Hall, where Paul ‘auditioned’ for John and was invited to join the Quarrymen but Covid-19 had other ideas this year.

We hope that you’ll still ‘need us’ when we’re celebratiing the 64th anniversary next year and we can once again welcome the world to St Peter’s!

In the meantime, you can ‘virtually’ visit thanks to top Beatle Guide, Jackie Spencer, who recorded a walk around St Peter’s Church earlier this year:

Or how about this? A few minutes featuring the legendary Dave Peters, who witnessed the meeting between John and Paul in the Church Hall and spent hundreds of hours with Beatles fans sharing his memories of that special day:

While we can’t welcome you to St Peter’s today, we can help you celebrate (safely!!) at home! As part of the celebrations for the 60th anniversary in 2017, students from the University of Chester put together a great guide for how to throw your own 1950s-themed party! You can check it out here!

Happy memories of welcoming visitors to the Church Hall!

Wherever you are today, we hope you are safe and happy, and enjoying the wonderful music of the Beatles! It all began 63 years ago in our Church Hall, and we can’t wait to be able to celebrate with you one day soon!

Happy anniversary!

One thought on “It was 63 years ago today …

  1. Rosaleen O'Hanlon says:

    I was there as a twelve year old girl and am on the iconic photograph of John on the back of the lorry with the Quarrymen. Check out the girl on the righthandside with the white alice band.. I was a girl guide at the time


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