Happy birthday!

Today we celebrate the birth of a very special man! On June 18, 1942, Ivan Vaughan was born in Liverpool and lived a normal, uneventful life similar to many other boys at that time. Uneventful, that is, until, on July 6, 1957, he invited his schoolfriend, Paul, who shared exactly the same birthday as Ivan, to come along to St Peter’s Church fete in Woolton and meet John, another of Ivan’s childhood friends.

That day, with Ivan looking on, a young Paul McCartney ‘auditioned’ for John Lennon and, as a result of that performance in St Peter’s Church Hall, was invited to join John’s band, the Quarrymen.

Thanks, Ivan – for instigating the most important meeting in modern muscial history and giving us the Beatles! Here at St Peter’s we will always celebrate your life!

Oh, and happy birthday to your mate, Paul too!

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