July 6 – Live Music in St Peter’s Church Hall

St Peter’s Church Hall will be open on Thursday July 6 from 10am to 3pm as we celebrate the 60th anniversary of the day that John met Paul!

We are delighted that we will be joined that day by Eddie Devlin and Catherine Cook who will be playing live from about 10.30am onwards.   Both Eddie and Cath are real friends to St Peter’s Church and if anyone can call themselves the resident musicians for the Church Hall where the Beatles began, then they certainly deserve the title!

For a preview of the treats in store for us all next Thursday, check out these videos of Eddie and Cath!

During last year’s International Beatle Week, Eddie was joined by Len Garry for a truly special performance of “In My Life,” and you can see some of Eddie’s original compositions on his youtube channel HERE!

Also, check out this hauntingly beautiful rendition of “It’s For You” written by Paul McCartney for Cilla Black.  A lost demo by Paul was discovered last year and sold at the Beatles auction in August, but we love Cath’s version!  For more information on Cath, visit her Facebook page – She’s Leaving Home by clicking HERE

The Church Hall will be closing at 3pm so that everyone had head over the road to enjoy the recreation of the fete on what is now the playing field of Bishop Martin CE Primary School.  Entry is £2.50 and you can pay on the door!  More details HERE!

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