Thank You Direct Line Manchester!

Our theme for the anniversary events is “A Celebration of Community” and nothing embodies that more than the team from Direct Line Manchester who turned up at St Peter’s Church today to spend several hours doing volunteer work in the Church graveyard.

The team from Direct Line Manchester

Every year the team leave their office in Manchester and spend a day working for a local charity or organisation.  In the past, they’ve supported Cancer Research and Cash For Kids, and this year, to commemorate the 60th anniversary of the day that John met Paul, and the legacy of that meeting, they came to help the regular team of Church volunteers as they tidied up the graveyard in preparation for the anniversary celebrations next week!

There’s often a lot of banter between Liverpool and Manchester but, when it comes to the important things — like a belief in the importance of community, or coming together in times of crisis such as the tragic events at the recent Ariana Grande concert at the Manchester Arena — the bond between the two cities is plain to see, and will never be broken.


Thank you, Direct Line Manchester, from us all at St Peter’s Church — not only for your hard work today, but also for your ongoing commitment to the community!


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