Making Dreams Come True

In 2015, the all-girl Japanese tribute band, The Blue Margarets visited St Peter’s Church Hall and treated us to a couple of songs.  It was a really special moment, and something that we will never forget!  Then, in April this year, Rika from the Blue Margarets wrote to us, saying this:

“I’m not good at English at all, so if they’re strange sentences, I’m sorry.  Singing at the church hall is my lifetime memories.  And I’d like to ask you today.  A friend of mine is a quilt master who loves the Beatles  She is making a lot of big quilt works with the motif of the Beatles.  She wants to display the quilt work at Liverpool’s “International Beatleweek”.  It is her big big dream!  Could you showcase quilt works at St Peter Church at this year’s “International Beatleweek”?  It is a request from my heart.”

Rika went on to say that her friend “loves the Beatles very much.  Her work is full of love for the Beatles and there is no doubt that it hits the hearts of the viewers.  There are requests from overseas as well as all over Japan, and it is exhibited in Korea and the USA.  But her dream is Liverpool!”

One of the most wonderful things about welcoming visitors to St Peter’s Church Hall is seeing the pleasure on their faces, and hearing them say that being in the place where it all began has made their dreams come true.  So how could we say no to Rika’s request?!  Well, we couldn’t!

This quilt is dedicated to all the “guitar kids” – and John and Paul were only kids when they met on July 6, 1957! It will be SUCH a privilege to have this on display in the Church Hall on the 60th anniversary of that very special day!



And so, from July 5 to 9, and again in August for International Beatleweek, St Peter’s will join with Japan as we share our love for the Beatles through these wonderful quilts.

Oh, and what makes this even more perfect?  The wonderfully, talented lady who poured her heart into this amazing quilts is called Yoko …




Pictures of Yoko’s work can be seen on her facebook group by clicking HERE but believe us when we say that the photos do not do them justice!  So please come along to St Peter’s Church Hall between July 5 – 9, and share in Yoko’s dream!



The Blue Margarets at St Peter’s Church Hall, August 2015

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