“A Hard Day’s Night” at Woolton Picture House!

Exciting news from Richie the Ranger!  Woolton Picture House was, of course, a favourite place of John’s in his youth and is much-loved by local residents today.  Richie’s films/talks are always hugely popular and this promises to be a very special performance on a very special day!

“I will be staging a screening of the Beatles first film ” A Hard Days Night” on Wed 5th July at 12.00 noon.

This fabulous film will be screened at Liverpool’s oldest cinema, The Woolton Picture House, where one can relax in comfort and revel in the nostalgia of this fantastic musical journey.

Released on 6th July 1964, this is still regarded as one of the top 100 best british films ever released and truly captures the magic and talent of the early days of the group.

Experience the Beatles on the big screen, performing hits such as

A Hard Days night movieposter.jpg

#CelebrateCommunity  #StPeters60

3 thoughts on ““A Hard Day’s Night” at Woolton Picture House!

    • donnaj25 says:

      Hi Christine
      This event is being organised by Richie the Ranger but, from what we understand, you pay on the door. Hope this helps!


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