The Day John Met Paul

Here are James Davis’ photos of the procession that began the festivities on July 6, 1957 the day that John met Paul, and also Geoff Rhind’s famous photograph of the Quarrymen performing at the fete in the afternoon.  You have to wonder what was in John’s mind as he sat on the back of the lorry as it trundled around Woolton village, or in Paul’s mind when he first saw John on stage!  Whatever it was, little did they know that their lives would never be the same again as a result of that ‘fateful’ conversation in St Peter’s Church Hall later that day!

We are indebted to Rod Davis and Geoff Rhind for allowing us to post their photographs on our website!

One thought on “The Day John Met Paul

  1. Elizabeth James nee Rimmer says:

    Lots of happy memories, and of faces from long ago. I was in the retinue standing on the left of Sally as you look at the photographs and if I remember rightly the other girl standing was her sister. I can even see Mr Stirrup the coal man driving his lorry with the brownies on the back .


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