The BabyFaced Beatles – Celebrating Past, Present and Future!

We are absolutely thrilled to announce that the final event in our anniversary celebrations, on Sunday July 9,  will feature a special appearance by the BabyFaced Beatles!

c. Liverpool Echo

The boys recently brought the house down when they appeared at the League of Welldoers’ variety benefit concert in the Philharmonic Hall, and we were so excited when they agreed to be part of our anniversary celebrations.

These boys — Louis, 11, Jay, 12, Killian, 11 and Harry, 11 – and others like them are the real legacy of the momentous events that took place at St Peter’s Church on July 6, 1957.  The future of live Beatles music rests on their young shoulders, and there can be no better way of ending our celebration of the moment when it all began, in the place where it all began, than with a performance from the boys who represent the future.

The boys are also the epitome of the theme of our celebrations – the importance of community.

c. Liverpool Echo

It was a community event at our Church that led to a moment of magic; one that is still inspiring youngsters like the BabyFaced Beatles today – bringing out the best in the boys as well as bringing pleasure to so many people whenever and wherever they play.  That is our true legacy, and one that we are both privileged and humbled to celebrate this year.


So please join us from 1pm on Sunday July 9 as we finish our celebrations of the day that John met Paul at St Peter’s Church with a special performance from the BabyFaced Beatles!

(Watch this space for more details of other events that will form part of the final day of our celebrations of the day that John met Paul.)


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