The Prellies Reunite to Join the Celebrations!

It is our great pleasure and privilege to announce that Beatle Week favourites, THE PRELLIES, will be performing at St Peter’s Church Hall on Saturday July 8 as part of our anniversary celebrations!

c. The Prellies


Entry is FREE, so make sure you join us for what promises to be a major highlight of our anniversary celebrations!

Fans of the Prellies will be familiar with the band’s great sense of humour as well as their musical talent and so we’re going to leave it to the Prellies to make the full announcement in their own inimitable style!

c. Alix Brown


“Formed in 2002, the Prellies have bemused and confused Beatle Week audiences ever since with their combination of rock and roll from the late ’50s and early ’60s, terrible personal hygiene and dreadful sense of humour.

In 2012 Prellies fans feared that the band had pawned their guitars and drum sticks, had a nice soapy bath and waved goodbye to Liverpool for the last time. But the temptation to play at the Church Hall, where John and Paul first met and went on to inspire so many musicians, was too great! Says Trev, “I wasn’t born at the time John met Paul, or even just after he met him, but if I had been, I would almost definitely have been there. I wouldn’t have missed summat that important.”

c. Alix Brown


And so on Saturday July 8, from 1.30pm, Trev Prellie, Gaz Evans, Julian Heath and Steve Panter (a Beatleweek legend and Chris Prellie approved drummer) will come together again to amaze and amuse us all! They’ve polished their sparkly Danelectros and changed into their best clean underpants (except for Trev, who has just turned his inside out).

During the half time interval, while the other Prellies enjoy their Terry’s chocolate orange segments and Um Bongo, Trevor will be performing his self penned one man musical play, ‘The day when John met Paul’.”

Gaz Evans




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